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Austin Infinity Pools and Spas serve Austin, Lake Way, Lake Travis, Dripping Springs, Westlake, Rolling Wood, Round Rock and surrounding parts of Texas as premier pool contractors building gorgeous pools for you and your family. We don’t just build pools but we give you a totally relaxing experience right in your own home. Imagine having resort-quality pools right in your backyard. Imagine coming home everyday to your own private oasis; the fun you will have with your friends and family over the weekend, or even everyday is invaluable as our pools are guaranteed to leave lasting memories and unforgettable expereinces. Dive in and have fun! No matter how small or complicated your area is, we can design and build a pool that suits your needs, lifestyle, and of course, your budget. More than just Austin pool builders, we are experts in providing you with ideas and concepts that can help you visualize what your pool should look like, and eventually, turn your dream pool into a reality.

Beautiful Designs

A beautiful pools nothing when constructed in poor quality. Austin Infinity Pools and Spas aims to reach the highest level of quality in pool construction. We are guided by a systematized process that guides us from pool design, actual construction and even maintenance. Once you have a vision in mind, call us and we can provide you with modern and professional 3D design service that can help you visualize your pool project even before you have it constructed. We can redesign your 3D layout until you are fully satisfied and ready to build your dream pool.

We are with you every step of the way. From conceptualizing designs, layout, excavation, installing steel framework, electrical and plumbing, gunite, tile and coping. To add the last few finishing touches to your pool, you have the option to complement your creation with masonry and stone. We can complete the look with our decking services and get your choice for the best deck options like custom stones and stamped concrete. You can also request our creative team to add fireplaces and fire pits to complement your pools. Add your own special touch to the project and achieve the perfect place for your ultimate relaxation. We can fully customize pools and spa areas according to your specifications and requirements.

We employ top-notch Austin pool builders who are fully trained and experienced to deliver stylish, durable and well-constructed pools.

We can make the perfect pool right in your home with your vision plus our creativity, technical know-how and precision construction. Working together, we can create your ideal pool– relaxing and stress-free that will definitely filled with memories. We thrive in this business because we complete our projects on our projected time and within the budget of our clients. We continue to grow through word of mouth and referral because we put top quality standards in all our work. We invite you to contact us and schedule for a free consultation. We can visit your home for an initial consultation at no cost and no obligation.

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Lets talk! Let our professional team at Austin Infinity Pools and Spas build your backyard oasis today! To get in touch, we encourage you to contact or call us at 512.825.3950.

Pool Contractors | Austin

Austin, Lake Way, Lake Travis, Dripping Springs, Westlake, Rolling Wood, Round Rock and surrounding parts of Texas